City Saucery – We Love that name! Magical.....

.....but we love the products even more.  Don’t try to save your garden tomatoes, the family team at City Saucery has already preserved local tomatoes in beautiful jars.  So pretty you might be tempted to keep them as decorated shelf items in your kitchen, but don’t.  You will miss out on some awesome tastes.

Summer Goodness - all year round

Summer Goodness - all year round

The Sauces are amazing, the Nonna’s Spicy sauce has a hit from fresh chili peppers.  For a change try the Nonna’s Smoky sauce with eggplant – surpasses anything out there.  You use the sauces in so many ways, but they provide some ideas on the recipe page

Roasted Eggplant --delicious!

Roasted Eggplant --delicious!

Inspired by their Nonna’s and her home in Italy’s Calabria region, there are four artisanal sauces to choose from and red or yellow preserved tomatoes.

Everything is handcrafted in small batches and the ingredients are all fresh.  Clean, simple, local.  The preserved tomato ingredients = organic vine-ripened plum tomatoes, fresh basil. That’s it – Beautiful + low sodium

sauce with a kick

sauce with a kick


The best part, everything is fairly priced, so go ahead buy some and The sauces 16oz. from 19.99 for 2 jars.  Preserved Tomatoes $19.99  buy here

Starbucks – “Flat White”

Say Hello to Microfoam

The world’s most massive coffee chain is adding a drink known as a Flat White. Originally created in Australia in the the 1980’s.   What separates it from other espresso drinks is the milk foam. Flat Whites use what’s called microfoam—steamed milk with tiny bubbles in it. When added to espresso, the end result is either a stronger latte or a wetter cappuccino, sure to be your next favorite.

a Real Stew

300 Authentic home cooked Stew Recipes

Stew. Okay so maybe that doesn’t sound that great. What we’re trying to invoke is better said with words like bouillabaise, gumbo, chowder, cassoulet, goulash….

When the days turn colder, nothing warms up a damp, dreary weekend like a slow-cooked stew. Clifford Wright has searched the globe for over 300 simmering recipes. This is a must-have addition to any home chef’s culinary library. Break out the Le Creuset and warm it up this winter! or when it just feels cold.

By Clifford A. Wright

Spice Up your Sunday Brunch

A perfect Bloody Mary Mixology Kit

Update your Bloody Mary with this simple to use kit. You will get a bold spicy drink – one of the best you ever had.  The lime juice adds a nice touch – be sure to try the corn powder on the rim of the of the glass – adds just the right sweet taste, before the spice knocks on your tongue.  Perfection.

Kit Includes: Two 8 ounce bottles of Bloody Mary concentrate, one 2 ounce bottle of sweet corn rimmer, one 2 ounce bottle of key lime juice, and one 1 ounce bottle of ghost pepper hot sauce.  $40 Click here to buy