Salted – a Professional Culinary experience in your Kitchen

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New to the kitchen or fancy yourself as an aspiring chef, take your culinary desires and appetite to the next degree with a subscription to Salted.

Brought to you from Jeff Appelbaum and 50+ top working chefs, Salted has over 200 videos designed to provide a culinary education to a casual home cook or an aspiring culinary student.  The inspiration behind Salted is to provide a proper culinary education.  Salted is offering a world-class courses in all things culinary for $9.95/month with unlimited access to hundreds of step-by-step videos, covering everything; all the recipes, pro-techniques and great cooking tips.



Salted looks to rival the top tier culinary schools like Le Cordon Bleu or L’Academie de Cuisine, or the local Johnson & Wales,  but from the convenience of your own kitchen.  You get a $50k cooking education for Netflix prices. Its different than what other online sites provide, you get real culinary educational content  provided by the top chefs, all who are currently working in restaurant kitchens.  The best part,  you can interact with the chefs by submitting questions about specific videos.

 The actual chef  will answer,  because Salted and its chefs, are looking to build long-term relationships with their students. You learn expert skills, tips, and how to create their signature (fantastic) dishes from the best chefs in the country  including Roy Choi, Jason Travi, Eric Greenspan, Daniel Holzman, Jonathan Benno and more.  You can save your favorite recipes to your online cookbook for easy access,  a nice personal touch.

Salted's Top Chefs whom help you Master the skills and recipes through high-definition videos with this new type of cooking school

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There is free content available on so you can try out the videos and searchable recipes before you join.  Currently, you can sign up for 3 free months with an exclusive WHATSINTODAY 3 month trial.   We love the cocktail presentations – so much fun to make cocktails professionally.


For example, you can watch Nick Vitulli from The Famous bar in Los Angeles make a FRENCH 75 , which is a very traditional, classic drink invented in 1915 in Paris.  As the current head barman for The Famous, Nick offers up an extensive selection of whiskeys as well as a cocktail menu featuring artisanal spirits. In 2013, The Famous was named one of the best bars in America by Details magazine.

Another great thing about Salted are the video interviews with each chef.

INTERVIEW WITH CHEF DANIEL HOLZMAN  - click here to see Daniel in action

 New York City, The Meatball Shop

The Meatball Shop, the brainchild of Daniel and his childhood pal Michael Chernow, has taken NYC by storm, now with several locations around the city. Many New Yorkers will swear that there’s simply no better meatball than what comes out of Daniel’s kitchen.

an interview with DANIEL HOLZMAN "the meatball guy" of The Meatball Shop New York City

an interview with DANIEL HOLZMAN "the meatball guy" of The Meatball Shop New York City

The reviews and press for Salted has been extremely positive. We have to agree, it has been an informative, entertaining month and we have already sign up for Month 2 as there is still so much more to learn.
Culinary school education at Netflix prices.
— LA Weekly
There’s something pretty great about watching some of the country’s best whip up their signature dishes.
— Gwenyth Paltrow, GooP