Put your fav Pics on tasty marshmallows- Boomf

Boomf, a company based in London, prints your photos on delicious marshmallows - a box of nine with free delivery worldwide for only $25.  Follow this link to see the boomf Hall of Fame

Just the touch for your hot chocolate or favorite cupcake.  A box makes an awesome, personal  gift surprise.  The best part, they taste fantastic.  Get some for your parties, showers, even makes mandatory office meetings fun.

Buy boomf here $25, free delivery included, and get ready to boomf some marshmallows.

A personalized marshmallow. Credit Brian Harkin for The New York Times

the boomf back-story

Hi-tech meets food crush

Hi-tech meets food crush

The man behind this muti-sensory marshmallow food experience, is none other the Duchess of Cambridge's, Kate Middleton's brother, Jame Middleton who with his partner developed a printing technique using edible inks. According to James Marshmallows are the the perfect food to print onto because they are so much fun. “I looked at different products we could do, and the marshmallows were the most fun to develop,” he says.

“There’s so much fun we can have with it, because you can give them to somebody that’s been dumped by their boyfriend, so they can burn their ex on a campfire, or you can have your ideal person dunked in hot chocolate, and you can give them to your grandmother.”
According to their them, “@Boomf” is the sound of the mallows landing on your doormat!
— Noteble Quote via boomf