Oppo Guilt-free healthy ice cream. Only in London (for now!)


When the ice cream tastes this good, is healthy and a huge portion has less than 100 calories – that’s pretty awesome and we can now all scream for Oppo ice cream.   How so?  Here's  the deal —  by substituting cream and sugar, the not so good for us stuff, with healthy super-foods  —yet still keeping that awesome ice cream texture and taste, magic happened.

Oppo ice cream is made with virgin coconut oil, stevia leaf and fresh milk in place of cream and cane sugar. This makes it naturally creamy and sweet without the calories and sugar of traditional luxury ice cream. [watch the video below]

The Back Story

Oppo ice cream is made with only THE good stuff inside

Oppo ice cream is made with only THE good stuff inside

As two brothers, Charlie and Harry Thuillier,  went on an expedition adventure to wind buggy up the coast of Brazil, they ran out of supplies, namely food, so they started eating coconuts and other wild fruits. This sparked a love for using naturally good ingredients and a mission to make the most indulgent foods healthy.  So Oppo was born.

Oppo raised over £300,000 and closed its crowdfunding campaign just days after it started.  People seem to really like the idea of indulgent, guilt free ice cream!  Hey with less calories than an apple.

Oppo is now on sale in hundreds of independent and chain UK grocery stores like Whole Foods, and Waitrose.

We can’t wait til Oppo hits the USA.  In the meantime, we noticed that just like FIN, Oppo has only the stuff inside.  Now he has British cousins!

Oppo – the oxymoron of health and indulgence in one tub of ice cream.
— Oppo Co-founders, Harry & Charlie

Oppo has won awards

Oppo won the Start-Up Of The Year in the Guardian Business Awards for 2014.

virgin red selects oppo ice cream

Oppo was selected by Virgin featuring Oppo on the front page of their brand new app, Virgin Red. Virgin Red is all about living a life more Virgin, getting access to the most exciting products, innovations and experiences while helping everyone be a bit more adventurous. 

Seems like a perfect fit.

To Watch The the Oppo  Virgin Pitch  follow this link

So What are these superfoods?

Each flavor has a super-boost from different super food like baobab, Lucuma, or Spirulina.



oppo ice cream a healthy indulgence