Martha Stewart – Opening Coffee shop in NYC

Not resting on her success Martha Stewart Café™ opens at 601 West 26th Street.

Martha Stewart Cafe™

It’s a place inspired by my world travels where anyone can come and enjoy a smooth, well-balanced, beautifully handcrafted cappuccino, latte, macchiato, or just plain Americano. In addition, you must try our artisanal teas — they are the finest available anywhere.
— Martha Stewart

Featured pastries will also be served at the Cafe, and have been hand-selected by Martha from her favorite bakeries, restaurants, and chefs. ChikaLicious, Baked, Bien Cuit, Balthazar, and more will provide selections that will vary daily.  The Martha Stewart Cafe draws its menu inspiration from the artisanal cafes of Europe.  An interesting addtion to try when visiting NYC’s High Line district, open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

on the martha stewart cafe menu
martha stewart cafe in action