a Review of Green Test Prep SAT Service

IMPROVEMENT: MATH +310 READING +310 for a total of 620 points
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Best advice, do as many practice tests as possible in as "real" an environment as possible.  Use a clock, do the full tests to build up stamina and familiarity with the test.  Follow the Green Test Prep and put in the effort. Next up for us, college applications and selections, plus FAFSA and CSS.  WOW !  So much to learn.

I bought the SAT/ACT Green Test Prep System for my teens.
Was it too good to be true?

Quick answer it was awesome! Best $600 spent. I would highly recommend Green Test Prep to anyone who has the commitment to doing the work to getting better test scores. The Green Test Prep is a process that will achieve higher scores if they put the time and focus into doing the steps. If they need someone to make them do the work, this is not the solution for you. Try the Green Test Prep online system, they guarantee results or you get your money back.
Use WIT50 at check-out to save $50 if you decide to give it a try.

THE ONLY THING  that REALLY matters are  the SAT test or ACT test scores

THE ONLY THING that REALLY matters are the SAT test or ACT test scores


My kids are hard working with great GPAs,  maybe not the strongest math skills but I always thought, “how much does that SAT score really matter any way?  Don’t the colleges look at the whole picture?”

Here’s a little advice,  THE ONLY THING that matters are the SAT or ACT scores to getting your kid’s application read.  So then all that other stuff they did can help get a "YES"

We all know SAT/ACT scores are important, but why don’t they hit you over the head and say  –  “STOP ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE & PREP FOR THE TEST"

How do I know this  Anthony Green’s online test prep system with parent resources.

We tried prep books, group courses and private tutoring but got minimal improvements.  I tackled Google and found Anthony Green, America’s #1 tutor for SAT/ACT Test Prep, according to Business Insider.  Was this the solution?  No,  the 1-on-1 sessions were $1,000/hour – with 20 hours recommended.  $20,000? and by the way,  sold out for the next year.  But wait, there was a self-help online version that promised similar improvement – was it too good to be true?

Green Test Prep System – what is it?

Anthony-James Green has been a top rated SAT tutor since his days at Columbia University.  He has created the online system to give more kids the chance to use his techniques and strategies.  He methodically explains that test prep is just like anything, become a team with a mission, train, practice, train, practice, get game fit, and you will do well.  The process is a drill and you keep doing it until you get the scores you want.  Be prepared and you will do fine.  The Green Test Prep is a guide to successfully not getting your college application rejected, starting with getting the best test scores possible.

There are excellent free parent resources on greentestprep.com.  These documents are well written, very structured and goal oriented.  You will find what makes college applications successful – the first priority has to be get the BEST SAT/ACT SCORES POSSIBLE.  He also gives a lot of really good stuff away for free if you sign-up for emails.

the green test prep dashboard keeps track of your SCORES and shows you your improvement over time VISIT www.greentestprep.com


Our Experience

We had a team discussion and agreed to buy the online system, the kids would do the work.  Key Club was out, part-time job gone, Cross-Country in, we had a focus.  We got a calendar and marked down Saturdays for practice tests, Sundays for test reviews.  We bought hundreds of flash cards.  They signed up for Vivid Vocabulary.  We loaded up with AP classes.  They committed to 30 minutes a day for test prep.  They followed the online Green Test Prep schedule daily.  They supplemented Baron’s SAT math guide with Khan Academy videos and Anthony YouTube videos.  They ran through multiple official SAT test practice test books.

The first practice test scores showed there was lots of room for improvement.

They questioned, “What if this had been our first real SAT test?” They got scared but determined. They agreed to an earlier bed time, and added an extra half hour of sleep per night.
— my kids

We read the New York Times and the BBC every day online. The app for the BBC is free if you have a smart phone.  We discussed the articles and focused on comprehension.  We added fruits, juices and vegetables.  They started test prep spring of sophomore year.

Their goal is to be done with the SAT test on the last date of the Old SAT test.  They may have to take the New SAT or ACT depending on the results. They want to be done testing by June, so during summer and fall they can focus on essays and application deadlines.

They took their first real SAT – their scores had improved 320 points and 400 points from their first practice test.  They plan to go through the SAT test answers and identify how to do the missed questions. They still have time for 1-2 additional test dates.  Their journey is not over but they have come far already.

After every practice test, they say it’s getting easier.  After their first real SAT they said the practice tests had really helped.  To give you an idea, over the last 8 months they have taken 9 full length practice tests and weekly partial practice tests with either just math or reading sections.  They knew what to expect.  They knew the question format.  No surprises.


What did the Green Test Prep System do for us?

  1. Anthony Green’s parent resources are extremely useful. We completely underestimated the importance of the test scores. We did not really believe you can do better on the test with practice. We thought GPAs, teacher recommendations, clubs, part-time work, service hours would make up for lower scores, Anthony clearly convinces you that this is not the case.

  2. Anthony gets the kids on board so they are motivated to do well and keep them working hard. It is not easy especially with other school assignments.

  3. Anthony’s strategies work. He is easy to understand. There is always help available. The prep system is an independent process — if you do the work, you will see results. This took the stress out, we had a plan to follow and the kids knew what to expect.

  4. He offers resources to help with different issues. He or his support team will always answer a question by email.

  5. Anthony has great advice for the college application process. His explanation of how not to get your application rejected is a classic. He explains in detail how test scores matter and why.

The Take-Aways

  1. Start early [freshman year – if possible]

  2. You can score better – SAT Test practice matters

  3. Do the work – see point 2 above

  4. Learn from what you get wrong, analyze where you need to focus

  5. Simulated Practice tests make a difference

  6. Sleep, nutrition, exercise help - regular sleep is important

  7. Flashcards are your own personal library of things you need to work on, reduce the pile

  8. Know the strategies, personalize them to your skills

  9. Make SAT/ACT exam Scores a priority

  10. Do 30 minutes a day, make it a personal challenge to do better (a good thing like getting a better time in a race)

  11. You can improve by cramming with this course but be prepared for a heavy load – see point 1 above

YES Best $600 spent.  I would highly recommend Green Test Prep to anyone who has the commitment to doing the work to getting better test scores.  The Green Test Prep is a process that will achieve higher scores if they put the time and focus into doing the steps.  If they need someone to make them do the work, this is not the solution for you.

Here’s an example of how Anthony helps you prioritize time for SAT Prep:


4 hours per week x $8 x 24 weeks = $768 versus

4 hours per week x 24 weeks = 100 SAT points = $10,000+ scholarship + $1 million dollars over a life in increased salary
   from a college education

Try the Green Test Prep online system, they guarantee results or you get your money back. 
Use WIT50 at check-out to save $50.

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