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Your new smartphone has an AMAZING camera built right in. You’ve watched the pros do it – doesn’t look that hard right?
What sets them apart?  It’s all about the lighting.

Photo Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio-Photography


For less than 50 bucks set yourself up with a simple kit that will transform your indoor photography. Why go to the hassle of a studio with the dog and kids each year when you can do it yourself on your terms? It’s all about the lighting!  They even include instructions. Get snapping!

Want to learn more about lighting? Here's a great Video from Wistia.  How to pull together  an effective video lighting kit for less than $100

Video: 3 minutes   By Chris Lavigne, Video Producer sourced from Wistia  The product brands  referred to above are not endorsed by Wistia.