The New Normal – buying a mattress online. 4 reasons to consider a Sleep Awesomeness DUO or FLEX mattress

The friends in the new world of online mattresses are many: Casper, Leesa, Yoga, Tuft, 4, Eve, Bear.  All provide
a mattress at a great value, with much better prices and quality than you will find at the local retailer & way more hassle free to order.  Who wants to spend time in a mattress store anyway?  Awkwardly lying on top with an overly eager salesperson, somewhat knowledgeable, more often not, hovering close by.  

 Free shipping, excellent service, decent in home trials with free returns are the new normal.  We highly recommend you take advantage of the convenience of online mattress shopping – it’s risk free.

We also highly recommend you consider Sleep. Awesomeness for your next mattress…..Read-on.


4 Reasons to buy a Fin

1.  Sleep. Awesomeness has the most comfortable of all the online mattresses. HOORAY! close competition to Casper, but a little bit better.  With over 100,000 Caspers sold, we think a lot of people will find the DUO even more awesome. The DUO has the right amount of hugs, bounce, coolness and support.

2. The DUO and the FLEX have only high quality USA sourced materials.   Latex, cooler gel infused memory foam – fantastic in the comfort department with excellent support.  Keep in mind, some less expensive foam mattress have materials from Asia where quality control and use of chemicals can be an issue.

3.  The DUO and the FLEX are made in a factory that has been hand making mattresses for over 50 years and is independently owned.  We know the owner and his family, giving us access and input into the process.  We work closely with mattress industry experts to design the best possible.  The DUO and the FLEX are hand made to order with American pride and shipped conveniently in 7-10 working days.

4.  We take our customers seriously and over-deliver on our promises.  But we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We think mattress shopping should be a fun experience, not boring.  Rather than spending money on fancy advertising and celebrities, we use those funds to create the best mattress and delight you with surprises, great prices and amazing service.  We know quality sleep is important to health, productivity and a positive attitude, so most of all we want you to Sleep Happy and Wake Up Happy.


So be a little bit silly with us while you buy a mattress, we will try to keep you entertained.  We think you will experience the best sleep ever on a DUO or FLEX, but if not — lets stay friends, we will take back the mattresses (hopefully finding a charity home) and return your money.

please please can i sleep in your bed?  Posted by John Brown

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2016 Pantone Colors of the Year Serenity and Rose quartz

Pantone 15-3919 Serenity and Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz as their Pantone Colors of the Year selection for 2016.  

Pantone has officially announced Pantone 15-3919 Serenity and Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz as their Pantone Colors of the Year selection for 2016.  Why care about this stuff some might might ask? - well this stuff will play a strong influence on the color of products you will see from runway fashion to everyday appliances during the coming year.

photo credit:  BeautyPress 

This color combo is said to be a harmonious pairing of inviting shades that embody a mindset of tranquility and inner peace. 

With the whole greater than its individual parts, joined together Serenity and Rose Quartz demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace”
— Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.


Looks pairing the lighthearted, healthy glow of Rose Quartz, with the cool, refreshing tone of Serenity, create a soft and natural statement.

photo credit:  imaxtree,  The new Mother of Pearl spring/summer 2016 collection  and J. JS Lee spring/summer 2016  

photo credit: imaxtree,  The new Mother of Pearl spring/summer 2016 collection  and J. JS Lee spring/summer 2016  

2016 Serenity- kate spade bag

2016 Serenity- kate spade bag

2016 rose-quartz-ted-baker

2016 rose-quartz-ted-baker

Raymond Stuart Kelvin CBE, the founder and chief designer of British fashion retailer Ted Baker is tapping into the blue serenity hue for menswear due to its “freshness,” while he notes a similar rose shade, “nude pink,” has been a best-seller for the brand’s womenswear line

BY Thomas Pink, the Gibson classic fit shirt and Thomas Pink Warren Check Tie

BY Thomas Pink, the Gibson classic fit shirt and Thomas Pink Warren Check Tie

Drawstring Bags by ozcushions

Drawstring Bags by ozcushions

iPhone Cases & Skins 4 to the 6s

iPhone Cases & Skins 4 to the 6s

Pantone picks a pair of baby-hued pastels Serenity

Pantone picks a pair of baby-hued pastels Serenity

Weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity comforts with a calming effect, bringing a feeling of respite even in turbulent times. A transcendent blue, Serenity provides us with a naturally connected sense of space.


 Rose Quartz.  Pantone's color pick for the co-color of 2016

The soothing, calming nature of colors in the Spring collections are led by PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz, a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.  Like a serene sunset, flushed cheek or budding flower, Rose Quartz reminds us to reflect on our surroundings during the busy but lighthearted spring and summer months.





Pantone Color of the Year: 2007-2015

pantone color of the year since 2007 - the FIRST time ta pair of colors have been selected - twin colors

pantone color of the year since 2007 - the FIRST time ta pair of colors have been selected - twin colors

Pantone, owned by Washington, D.C.-based Danaher Corp., has a system that helps manufacturers define color precisely. Every year, the company polls décor and fashion designers, as well as manufacturers and retailers, on what colors they intend to use, led by Ms. Eiseman, to pick the color of the coming year. Pantone will tip off some marketing partners so that they can create products, such as Sephora cosmetics and Keurig coffee makers, that use the colors. 

Snowe Home – luxury quality but affordable sheets & towels



KEEP IT SIMPLE | Sometimes the cliche gets it right. In design and in life, simplicity drives the best experiences   

Right up there with the awful mattress shopping experience is the ridiculously awful sheets and towels shopping experience.  Going to the bedding department at chain stores like BED,BATH & BEYOND or the local Macy’s is sure to be a confusing, baffling and usually  a  boring exercise that concludes in an enormous heavy bulky plastic bag that you have to lug to your car and cart into your house.  And the price is always about three times what you set out to spend as the salesperson keeps moving you up the price chain (for the better stuff so
they say). 

Once home, you find that all the fluff comes off the towels in the dryer, then on you after your shower and the sheets are scratchy.  You don't even think of taking all the stuff back and just hope its all wears out quickly so you can replace.  

Wait did we just suggest you go through this again? 

Shop for your sheets, towels  online

A way better alternative from Snowe Home. By partnering directly with the best factories, Snowe Home offers exceptional products at a lower cost than other premium retailers.  Good news.  They have sourced from Italy and Portugal  at affordable prices.  The sheets are made using 500 thread Egyptian cotton percale providing a lightweight smooth and crisp feel.  Best of all – easy online ordering and it ships to your door.


Luxury quality made attainable


Meet Parachute – bedding that makes your bedroom amazing

We are always on the look out for styling ideas, so as we were searching for soft and affordable high quality sheets we found Parachute bedding.  An awesome company out of LA that makes the most enjoyable sheets, duvet covers and merino blankets in beautiful colors.

We think buying bedding should be as fun as possible. Parachute does just that and their bedding makes your sleep even more happy


This look from Parachute makes the perfect contemporary look.  We love the slate color, dark, warm and inviting. The sheets are woven in Italy by master craftsmen using cool and crisp, long-staple Egyptian cotton percale that will only get softer with use.


Oeko-Tex-certified dyes lend lasting, eco-friendly color. Parachute has made a high quality product. Featuring a continuous elastic hem, this easy-to-care-for sheet fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep. 

Sets start at $199.  Look at this gorgeous powder blue color!  Looks so soft!

PARACHUTE   Percale bedding is cool and crisp to the touch with a matte finish. Soft, lightweight and stonewashed for a lived-in feel from the start

PARACHUTE Percale bedding is cool and crisp to the touch with a matte finish. Soft, lightweight and stonewashed for a lived-in feel from the start


The packaging is very cool as well and makes for the perfect gift!

You can buy the sets or individual pieces so you can mix and match the colors. See more...


and Now Eye Catching Blankets

The latest edition to the line are these eye catching merino blankets.  The throw blankets are woven of pure 100% Cashmere yarn spun in Scotland are super soft – not itchy.   They can change the look of your bed or sofa and come in three colors – $319 each.  These 100% Cashmere blankets add a luxury touch and add color & warmth.


We browsed the Parachute home website for over 40 minutes there were so many things we wanted to look at – don’t miss the candleseye masks or travel blankets – even more great gift ideas to look through.

Parachute has also started to add instructive videos to their blog, very helpful for getting through the process of getting that magazine perfect look to your bedroom.  Check out video below.


Parachute founder Ariel Kaye decided to create her own bedding because she did not find the perfection she was looking for at her local shops and thus, Parachute was born. Specializing in both bedding and home decor, Parachute products are manufactured by true artisans who have been weaving world class bedding for over 60 years.  Parachute simplifies the purchasing process to make premium quality bedding accessible.  

A company after our own heart! 

Waiting for Spectre? Meet Six Versions of James Bond

which BOND is BEST?

All the James Bonds at Madame Tussauds London - Roger Moore,  Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery , George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan

The Bonds are dressed in classic 007 dinner suits designed by Oscar winning costume designer Lindy Hemming, based on the original costume.

The exhibition coincides with the forthcoming release of SPECTRE, the latest in the James Bond series, due to hit British cinema screens on October 26. SPECTRE will begin its rollout in North America and South America on 6 November.

Lazenby, Moore and Connery recreate different variations of a classic Bond pose – arms folded and pistol held aloft,  Craig, Brosnan and Dalton are shown in more relaxed poses.

You can meet all the Bonds through November 30, 2015 in London.  After that they take off for a world wide tour – check to see your local dates.

Visiting London, Snag tickets to the tune of $35 at the official website.


Spectre  the latest 007 james bond movie opens november 4th in the USA. 
the latest James bond movie staring daniel craig

Movie Synopsis - Pure action Mayhem

 Achingly Cool, Classic Daniel Craig Pose as - 007 James Bond in Spectre 

 Achingly Cool, Classic Daniel Craig Pose as - 007 James Bond in Spectre 

A cryptic message from the past sends James Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome, where he meets Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal.  Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organization known as Spectre.

Meanwhile back in London, Max Denbigh (Andrew Scott), the new head of the Centre for National Security, questions Bond’s actions and challenges the relevance of MI6, led by M (Ralph Fiennes). Bond covertly enlists Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Q (Ben Whishaw) to help him seek out Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), the daughter of his old nemesis Mr. White (Jesper Christensen), who may hold the clue to untangling the web of Spectre. As the daughter of an assassin, she understands Bond in a way most others cannot.

As Bond ventures towards the heart of Spectre, he learns of a chilling connection between himself and the enemy he seeks, played by Christoph Waltz.


AN ASTON MARTIN DB10 from SPECTRE one of only ten in the world.

The Aston Martin db10 is one of only 10 of THIS model to be made  and  will be auctioned off for charity some time in 2016. it's expected to at least hit over the $1.5m mark

Behind the Scenes of SPECTRE , curated by photographer Rankin,  published on October 27. The book showcases the actors, locations, stunts, film sets and special effects of SPECTRE.

Behind the Scenes of SPECTRE, curated by photographer Rankin,  published on October 27. The book showcases the actors, locations, stunts, film sets and special effects of SPECTRE.

7 Reasons Why to Break-up with your Mattress


jettison those romantic memories and get a    FIN BED mattress

– So it lasted three years, went down in flames, and you got the bed.  Its time to get a new mattress.  Update your comfort and style, replace all those old memories with one of the new mattresses shipped in a box, then get the the best sheets on sale at Bloomingdale's, like Oake- so many colors to choose from or  Change your bedroom’s entire look with a new duvet cover and add some colorful pillows.

 Your recovery has begun.


every morning i wake up feeling stiff - could it be my mattress? YEP! very possible

– Whatever you are sleeping on has outlived its usefulness.  Don’t be that person that continues the agony for months or even years, you need a new mattress.  Lucky for you, no trip to the mattress store is necessary, order online a new  mattress online that conveniently ships to your door in 3-5 days.  The new tri-layer technology foam mattress is so comfortable and you will have the best sleep ever. 

If  by chance you do not like it  - they pick it up with a full refund - no questions - How cool is that!


– Yup, time for a new mattress at home.  If you can tell that the hotel bed is so much more comfortable than your bed that’s just sad, its time to replace it.  Getting a new mattress will really improve your sleep, you will wake up happy and more productive.

Everyone deserves to Sleep Happy
— Sleep. Awesomeness
when the hotel mattress is better than yours, it's time to get a new one. - try a  FIN BED mattress


when you keep sinking in the valley of your mattress - it's so time to consider getting a new  FIN BED mattress - just saying

.....and you feel like you are in a sink hole, then yes you have a worn out mattress.

Hey No choice but to get a new one asap!


yikes! a mattress attack via steel spring - ouch! - it's time to break-up with this mattress and get a new  DUO or Flex Mattress

yikes! a mattress attack via steel spring - ouch! - it's time to break-up with this mattress and get a new DUO or Flex Mattress

– Some pokes are fun, but poking springs are painful and really it should not be fixed.  Its time to let go and buy a new mattresses.  With the new online mattresses companies, you can find a premium high quality mattress for under $1,000

– so don’t wait the attacks will only get worse. Who wants to watch their six all the time anyway.


and you remember you bought the mattress 2 years before the wedding.  And the kids are NOW out of diapers.   Maybe the warranty is good for 20 or 25 years, but industry experts recommend start thinking about a new mattress around 8 years.  Mattresses do have an expiration date and you will sleep Sooooo much better on a new one.

the kids are growing so quickly and you still have the same old mattress before they were born?


You should like maybe even love your bed – at $1000 for a new mattress over 10 years equals about 30 cents a night definitely a good decision.  Do yourself a favor, get a new mattress – better sleep gives you more energy.

– buy a new mattress and wake up happy.
when you sleep well you have more energy to face the day. -  the  FIN BED  mattress is the foundation block to achieving this goal

SO for what ever reason if  your mattress is to blame for your skimping on sleep,  Sleep Awesomeness may have the answer. The DUO or Flex mattresses are so comfortable.  Free shipping with a risk free 100-night trial period – so go ahead checkout – your sleep will thank you.

Why We Made the Fin Mattress?

Fin Mattress built in the USA  and designed by collaborating with industry experts.  11 inches of PREMIUM materials sourced from the USA. to provide just the right balance of hugs, bounce, coolness, support and feel for a Fintastically awesome sleep.  FIN comes in six sizes with Free Delivery & Returns. Sleep Happy | Wake up Happy

Fin Mattress built in the USA  and designed by collaborating with industry experts.  11 inches of PREMIUM materials sourced from the USA. to provide just the right balance of hugs, bounce, coolness, support and feel for a Fintastically awesome sleep.  FIN comes in six sizes with Free Delivery & Returns. Sleep Happy | Wake up Happy


The editorial staff at WHATSINTODAY is committed to highlight interesting new products and trends surrounding them for our readers.  We like to think after vetting the details we bring the facts to you and offer our recommendations.  When we noticed the increasing number of  online mattresses companies were getting a lot of headlines, we decided it was time to research the space and give you our thoughts.

But Something unusual happened along the way...

Somewhere along the way, we realized the companies who initially set out to change the mattress industry began to look like the big old guys.  They started introducing confusing jargon, running huge advertising campaigns, some took in millions of venture capital money, started creating names for materials making it more difficult to do a true comparison, they started to spin – making little details into major decision points.

The Fin mattress handcrafted in a U.S. factory with american pride, know how and ingenuity DELIVERED  right to your door 

So we decided to see what it really takes to make a mattress ourselves.  We contacted a expert mattress designer with over 25 years in the industry, we found a factory where handcrafting mattresses is done with American pride since 1940, embracing the latest technology as it developed with seven locations totaling over 1,500,000 sq. ft., we went to fabric manufacturers, visited latex manufacturers, where we found out about densities, ILD's, the effects of combining different latex with memory foams, the order in which they are placed and a lot other technical stuff  that all goes into what makes a softer or firmer sleeping surface.  Primarily we concentrated on and looked for quality.  And then we noticed we had specifications for an outrageously comfortable mattress.   Like our tagline says, “Browsing is overrated.” We cut through the clutter and figured out the real deal. That’s what we do…so Fin was born.

Meet FIN.

We’re talking premium materials all sourced in the USA  ─ high density memory foam, amazingly comfortable latex, and super supportive high density foundation foam.  Three separate layers a full 11” tall with stretch top for a cool, restful sleep.  As we went through the process, we focused on value as a top priority and made your Fin at a great price.  Fin is made to order, so no Fin’s waiting around a warehouse, it takes 3-5 working days to make your Fin and 5-7 days to arrive at your door.




One of our team’s teenage son tested it out.  He came down to breakfast the next morning and said,

“Hey I don’t remember falling asleep, I woke up and it was morning ─ Is that bad!??!”

We nailed it.  So take a look and give Fin a try – we offer the standard 100 days to try it out with no hassle returns.  Redefine your sleep, your sleep will thank you.  It might even be Fintastic! 

NEW PPS Couture – hand crafted bridesmaid dresses

Spring or summer wedding in your future?


Look to these gorgeous floral bridesmaid dresses from Plum Pretty Sugar.  The light gowns are offered in a pale palette of soft colors.  The gowns make a beautiful silhouette for photos.  Available in four different designs, you can mix up the looks and colors – but keep the overall feel you were going for.  

Created  by hand and made from soft silk and delicate printed silk chiffon with a soft structure and a flowy float as you walk, the gowns make a very pretty statement.  The gowns are made in the USA and are $380.    Each gown has it’s own name Billy, Charlie, James, and Ryan.

See the complete collections here


Charlotte Hall, founder of Plum Pretty Sugar, designs her looks to reflect a breezy easy lifestyle.  We think she captures it perfectly with PPS Couture.  Plum Pretty Sugar offers collections of robes, sleepwear and accessories for bridal party getaways, bachelorette parties, honeymoons and cute Mommy & me sets.

and there is more....

Le Creuset Cookware 8 beautiful colors

Le Creuset Cookware enameled collection offered by nordstroms.  delivers all of the benefits of cast iron in 8 awesome colors

Le Creuset Cookware enameled collection offered by nordstroms.  delivers all of the benefits of cast iron in 8 awesome colors

Le Creuset Cookware in 8 colors

Nothing matches the even heat distribution and versatility of cast-iron cookware except when coated in a porcelain enamel glaze.   This enameled collection offered by Le Creuset delivers all of the benefits of cast iron while allowing you to let your dishwasher do the cleanup after you’re done cooking!

Cooking is fun with this collection as food turns out so well and you can serve from this beautiful looking collection.  You can continue from stove top to oven without having to change pans perfect for stews or a good Hungarian Goulash.

What we really love - FREE SHIPPING - this collection is expensive to ship but now you can pick out the perfect gifts and send them for free (or gift yourself!). Thank you Nordstrom.

100% FREE Shipping & FREE Returns.

10 Mens Watches under $100 – Change up your style

Have some fun with these awesome looking watches under $100.  There is an amazing array of styles any guy can appreciate – change from business week to week-end casual – at these prices you can buy a few different looks.

Who says you only need one watch?

Buck Mason – Timeless Design. Made In America

Buck Mason Founders & Partners Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg

Buck Mason Founders & Partners Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg

 Did you know less than 3% of clothing made, is Made in America?

The Buck Mason Men’s Clothing Line’s is Made in the USA, by entrepreneur’s and owners Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg.  All the Buck Mason Men’s Clothing Line is 100% Made In The USA.  Its merchandise ranges from 100-percent cotton slub tees for $24, to oxford button-downs for $88, to indigo jeans for $135 to $155. All the cotton is loomed at Cone Mills White Oak factory in Greensboro, North Carolina, and all clothes stitched together in LA.

Buck Mason tees

Buck Mason tees

View Buck Mason’s entire menswear collection and buy online at  You can select a package with a selection of quality shirts, t-shirts, belts, a brand new line of blue jeans or a custom-made hat.  You try on the clothes, keep what you like and send back the rest.  They pay the shipping both ways.  Really effortless way to see if you like the fit.  You have a full 14 day’s to try to decide what to keep, you get a full refund for anything you send back.


$24.00 each

Effortless style. Minimum decision - select a look

Effortless style. Minimum decision - select a look

Born in the USA

We created Buck Mason because the idea of living in an America where we don’t make things anymore didn’t appeal to us. Because we believe for every stitch and every rivet there should be an American worker who takes pride in making a quality product ― That’s why we’re bringing manufacturing back home. It’s what drives us every day.
— Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg
buck mason turns down the sharks' offer on sharktank

Sasha and Erik were recently on Shark Tank where they turned down the sharks’ offer so they could grow the company they want.  They agreed the exposure was good for business, the company is growing 20% month over month.

Our thoughts  ― the high quality and good look should keep them busy for a long time.

the Fix – a perfect t-shirt

Ever wake up and reached for a clean t-shirt only to find it has warped into some weird fit that does not make it over your head THE FIX – a no-shrink black v-neck t-shirt, from  – Great design. 100% cotton, USA made – at $24 go for two.  Best henleys around from $48.

the Fix


The garments we design aren’t meant to be different, they’re simply meant to be perfect. We’re not excited by fashion. Buck Mason was born out of an obsession with standing out by being subtle, buying smart and affirming the true, classic heartland cool that we grew up on. Cool is effortless, stable and poised. It’s the never-loud, always honest, unfailing preamble to timelessness. Cool is what happens when a picture of you today resurfaces in thirty years and people say, “He’s still got it.
— Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn

Travel with award winning nügg Beauty Masks

Try out the nügg 4-Pack for beautiful skin. $12.99 Buy Here 
These handy little masks are the staff pick of the month.


Just what you need to make any travel better, a collection of nügg face masks will make you feel like you are at the spa and the results are awesome. Hello hydration, good-bye dullness.  These single-serve cups are perfect for on-the-go.  What we like about the 4 pack collection is you get to try the different masks before committing to any specific one.  The mask is light on the skin, and smells amazing.

The collection includes a Revitalizing face mask to revitalize and plump dull & tired skin for a radiant look, a Exfoliating mask for a smooth & clear complexion, a Soothing mask to soothe & balance troubled or sensitive skin, and a Hydrating mask to intensely hydrate and soften the skin.   Get rid of all that travel grime immediately on arrival – so easy to use and it stays on for just 5 minutes to get results.  You will love these so much they will become your go-to gift for friends, co-workers and family.

These individually sealed cups are the right amount for one time use, TSA approved size, non-chemical, natural, award winning, deep cleansing, and hydrating.  Take one along on your next trip

Missing the sounds of Duran Duran? Try Pompeya’s new album Real


This new album from Pompeya, is the perfect summer music for road trips, beachy week-ends and backyard BBQs.  Happy, light, catchy and fun, makes you want to laugh and dance.  This is an easy must have decision.

music band pompeya signs with record label no shame
pompeya band

Pompeya is a group from Moscow, but their latest album Real was mostly recorded in the US.  In 2013, Pompeya signed with the No Shame label opening up new opportunities.  The band was able to work with different producers and engineers changing up their music from Tropical, their last album.  Stylistically, the album is way more New Wave and Pop with hints of Disco, Funk and other genres.  Songs like “Pasadena” and “Anyway” are more nostalgic in sound with reminders of Duran Duran, and The Cure.  “Pasadena” a favorite track on the album and is a perfect Summer soundtrack.  Its about a place one finds inspiring
 and romantic, a must have summer road trip song with sounds that transports you to sunny southern California.

For the new album, we wanted to create music with a larger message, for a more global audience. We were forced out of our comfort zones, forced to experiment more and discuss serious topics like growing up, loss, fatherhood and staying true to yourself without going crazy. These are the real stories of our lives, and the real sound we want to present. This is Real.
— Pompeya
real vinyl albulm vy pompeya


1. Anyway
2. Pasadena
3. OOOOO (Cry About It)
4. To the Orient
5. Real
6. Liar
7. Hysteria
8. Tell Me, Tell Me
9. To A Kid
10. Last One





Keeping up with Pompeya is easy on  Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  

Visit their website for more band information

Essentials for Economy Flight Survival - Our 10 picks

photo courtesy of  - Walter Mitty-Inspired Iceland Adventures

photo courtesy of - Walter Mitty-Inspired Iceland Adventures


inStyle – Don’t Let the Guys Have All the Fun

You can introduce yourself as Bond, Jane Bond in pure bond style.   Omega has the ladies covered with the Women’s Seamaster. Featuring precise Swiss-Quartz movement, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and water resistance to 990 feet  It not just for guys take a look.

It not just for guys - Omega Seamaster - Click to enlarge


Tahitian Jelly Bean Watches by Michele


Tahitian Jelly Bean? Right!  - Not the ones you eat but the fun Swiss made luxury watch you can wear


Fun, bright playful colors to accessorize your fashion.  Classic Navy and Grey perfect for those business meetings.  Straps are changeable giving you more choice.  Cool looking, long wearing silicone strap, perfect for traveling. Plus Swiss made ensures a good quality watch.
From $295    Buy here