The New Normal – buying a mattress online. 4 reasons to consider a Sleep Awesomeness DUO or FLEX mattress

The friends in the new world of online mattresses are many: Casper, Leesa, Yoga, Tuft, 4, Eve, Bear.  All provide
a mattress at a great value, with much better prices and quality than you will find at the local retailer & way more hassle free to order.  Who wants to spend time in a mattress store anyway?  Awkwardly lying on top with an overly eager salesperson, somewhat knowledgeable, more often not, hovering close by.  

 Free shipping, excellent service, decent in home trials with free returns are the new normal.  We highly recommend you take advantage of the convenience of online mattress shopping – it’s risk free.

We also highly recommend you consider Sleep. Awesomeness for your next mattress…..Read-on.


4 Reasons to buy a Fin

1.  Sleep. Awesomeness has the most comfortable of all the online mattresses. HOORAY! close competition to Casper, but a little bit better.  With over 100,000 Caspers sold, we think a lot of people will find the DUO even more awesome. The DUO has the right amount of hugs, bounce, coolness and support.

2. The DUO and the FLEX have only high quality USA sourced materials.   Latex, cooler gel infused memory foam – fantastic in the comfort department with excellent support.  Keep in mind, some less expensive foam mattress have materials from Asia where quality control and use of chemicals can be an issue.

3.  The DUO and the FLEX are made in a factory that has been hand making mattresses for over 50 years and is independently owned.  We know the owner and his family, giving us access and input into the process.  We work closely with mattress industry experts to design the best possible.  The DUO and the FLEX are hand made to order with American pride and shipped conveniently in 7-10 working days.

4.  We take our customers seriously and over-deliver on our promises.  But we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We think mattress shopping should be a fun experience, not boring.  Rather than spending money on fancy advertising and celebrities, we use those funds to create the best mattress and delight you with surprises, great prices and amazing service.  We know quality sleep is important to health, productivity and a positive attitude, so most of all we want you to Sleep Happy and Wake Up Happy.


So be a little bit silly with us while you buy a mattress, we will try to keep you entertained.  We think you will experience the best sleep ever on a DUO or FLEX, but if not — lets stay friends, we will take back the mattresses (hopefully finding a charity home) and return your money.

please please can i sleep in your bed?  Posted by John Brown

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Meet Parachute – bedding that makes your bedroom amazing

We are always on the look out for styling ideas, so as we were searching for soft and affordable high quality sheets we found Parachute bedding.  An awesome company out of LA that makes the most enjoyable sheets, duvet covers and merino blankets in beautiful colors.

We think buying bedding should be as fun as possible. Parachute does just that and their bedding makes your sleep even more happy


This look from Parachute makes the perfect contemporary look.  We love the slate color, dark, warm and inviting. The sheets are woven in Italy by master craftsmen using cool and crisp, long-staple Egyptian cotton percale that will only get softer with use.


Oeko-Tex-certified dyes lend lasting, eco-friendly color. Parachute has made a high quality product. Featuring a continuous elastic hem, this easy-to-care-for sheet fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep. 

Sets start at $199.  Look at this gorgeous powder blue color!  Looks so soft!

PARACHUTE   Percale bedding is cool and crisp to the touch with a matte finish. Soft, lightweight and stonewashed for a lived-in feel from the start

PARACHUTE Percale bedding is cool and crisp to the touch with a matte finish. Soft, lightweight and stonewashed for a lived-in feel from the start


The packaging is very cool as well and makes for the perfect gift!

You can buy the sets or individual pieces so you can mix and match the colors. See more...


and Now Eye Catching Blankets

The latest edition to the line are these eye catching merino blankets.  The throw blankets are woven of pure 100% Cashmere yarn spun in Scotland are super soft – not itchy.   They can change the look of your bed or sofa and come in three colors – $319 each.  These 100% Cashmere blankets add a luxury touch and add color & warmth.


We browsed the Parachute home website for over 40 minutes there were so many things we wanted to look at – don’t miss the candleseye masks or travel blankets – even more great gift ideas to look through.

Parachute has also started to add instructive videos to their blog, very helpful for getting through the process of getting that magazine perfect look to your bedroom.  Check out video below.


Parachute founder Ariel Kaye decided to create her own bedding because she did not find the perfection she was looking for at her local shops and thus, Parachute was born. Specializing in both bedding and home decor, Parachute products are manufactured by true artisans who have been weaving world class bedding for over 60 years.  Parachute simplifies the purchasing process to make premium quality bedding accessible.  

A company after our own heart!