Travel with award winning nügg Beauty Masks

Try out the nügg 4-Pack for beautiful skin. $12.99 Buy Here 
These handy little masks are the staff pick of the month.


Just what you need to make any travel better, a collection of nügg face masks will make you feel like you are at the spa and the results are awesome. Hello hydration, good-bye dullness.  These single-serve cups are perfect for on-the-go.  What we like about the 4 pack collection is you get to try the different masks before committing to any specific one.  The mask is light on the skin, and smells amazing.

The collection includes a Revitalizing face mask to revitalize and plump dull & tired skin for a radiant look, a Exfoliating mask for a smooth & clear complexion, a Soothing mask to soothe & balance troubled or sensitive skin, and a Hydrating mask to intensely hydrate and soften the skin.   Get rid of all that travel grime immediately on arrival – so easy to use and it stays on for just 5 minutes to get results.  You will love these so much they will become your go-to gift for friends, co-workers and family.

These individually sealed cups are the right amount for one time use, TSA approved size, non-chemical, natural, award winning, deep cleansing, and hydrating.  Take one along on your next trip