the Fix – a perfect t-shirt

Ever wake up and reached for a clean t-shirt only to find it has warped into some weird fit that does not make it over your head THE FIX – a no-shrink black v-neck t-shirt, from  – Great design. 100% cotton, USA made – at $24 go for two.  Best henleys around from $48.

the Fix


The garments we design aren’t meant to be different, they’re simply meant to be perfect. We’re not excited by fashion. Buck Mason was born out of an obsession with standing out by being subtle, buying smart and affirming the true, classic heartland cool that we grew up on. Cool is effortless, stable and poised. It’s the never-loud, always honest, unfailing preamble to timelessness. Cool is what happens when a picture of you today resurfaces in thirty years and people say, “He’s still got it.
— Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn