Missing the sounds of Duran Duran? Try Pompeya’s new album Real


This new album from Pompeya, is the perfect summer music for road trips, beachy week-ends and backyard BBQs.  Happy, light, catchy and fun, makes you want to laugh and dance.  This is an easy must have decision.

music band pompeya signs with record label no shame
pompeya band

Pompeya is a group from Moscow, but their latest album Real was mostly recorded in the US.  In 2013, Pompeya signed with the No Shame label opening up new opportunities.  The band was able to work with different producers and engineers changing up their music from Tropical, their last album.  Stylistically, the album is way more New Wave and Pop with hints of Disco, Funk and other genres.  Songs like “Pasadena” and “Anyway” are more nostalgic in sound with reminders of Duran Duran, and The Cure.  “Pasadena” a favorite track on the album and is a perfect Summer soundtrack.  Its about a place one finds inspiring
 and romantic, a must have summer road trip song with sounds that transports you to sunny southern California.

For the new album, we wanted to create music with a larger message, for a more global audience. We were forced out of our comfort zones, forced to experiment more and discuss serious topics like growing up, loss, fatherhood and staying true to yourself without going crazy. These are the real stories of our lives, and the real sound we want to present. This is Real.
— Pompeya
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1. Anyway
2. Pasadena
3. OOOOO (Cry About It)
4. To the Orient
5. Real
6. Liar
7. Hysteria
8. Tell Me, Tell Me
9. To A Kid
10. Last One





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Visit their website for more band information www.pompeya.com