Looking for a new you? Canyon Ranch can help


Discover the happier, healthier you.  Find out what wellness means to you. Canyon Ranch take-aways keep you feeling  your best when you return home. You learn to make little changes that positively impact your wellness every day.  

What are Canyon Ranch experiences like?

Learning the ropes at canyon ranch, Tuscon

Learning the ropes at canyon ranch, Tuscon

You’ll experience exquisite pampering, healthy cuisine, amazing scenery and an inspiring, stress-free environment. Plus, you have the chance to consult with top physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, life management specialists and other health and wellness experts who can help you feel your absolute best for life.

At Canyon Ranch try different ways to slow down, and restore balance.  Choose body treatments that relieve stress. Explore yoga and meditation renew energy.


Do Something Good for Yourself - a personal story
My First Canyon Ranch Experience

Video: A first-time guest to Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, finds a nurturing environment during a transitional time at Canyon Ranch