It's a Blue Moon Cocktail & Hey it is a Blue Moon tonight

a super Blue Moon Cocktail - Photo by WHAYS IN TODAY Staffer shot watching the last super-moon - for those of you who missed it

a super Blue Moon Cocktail - Photo by WHAYSINTODAY Staffer shot watching the last super-moon - for those of you who missed it

It's a Blue Moon Night ─

 So hang out and enjoy the second full moon of July.  This only happens every two or three years so enjoy one of these very Blue Cocktails.  

Although scientists don't think it's something that rare if it happens every two years, we do and as the phrase goes "once in a blue moon" we are going to go with it!

Here is a little history to throw around tonight. 
The idea of a Blue Moon, as the second full moon in a month, stemmed from the March 1946 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine, which contained an article called “Once in a Blue Moon” by James Hugh Pruett.  Pruett was referring to the 1937 Maine Farmer’s Almanac.  He wrote:

"Seven times in 19 years there were — and still are — 13 full moons in a year.  This gives 11 months with one full moon each and one with two.  This second in a month was called Blue Moon."
bLUE MOON martini | PHOTO BY James Carrier

bLUE MOON martini | PHOTO BY James Carrier

Can there be two Blue Moons in a single calendar year?  Yes. It last happened in 1999. There were two full moons in January and two full moons in March and no full moon in February.  So both January and March had Blue Moons.

The next year of double monthly blue moons is coming up in January and March, 2018 – and then, after that, in January and March, 2037.  A blue-colored moon is rare. Rare enough to be question in Trivial Pursuit.  So enjoy the view and here's how to make the best Blue Moon Cocktail to put you in the blue moon party groove.


Blue moon cocktails are a fun, frozen martini featuring blue curaçao, vanilla syrup, and fresh orange juice. Whipping creams adds a hint of creamy texture to the drink.

- 1 cup crushed ice
- 1/4 cup vodka
- 1/4 cup blue curaçao
- 1/4 cup whipping cream
- 2 tablespoons vanilla-flavored syrup (such as Torani)
- 2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
- 1 tablespoon Cointreau or other orange-flavored liqueur

In a blender, combine all ingredients and whirl until smooth. Pour into four martini glasses (4 oz.) and garnish the rim of each glass with a slice of orange.