Hard Apple Cider from Downeast Cider House + The cider is unbelievably good!

The cider is unbelievably good.  Why? Unfiltered = magic. The Original Blend is not too dry, not too sweet, a decent body. Just a true apple taste.  It is so cool these guys have only been in business for only 3 years and started the business right out of college.

We like their story.  Hard Work + Fun + quality product = Success. 

There are 3 ingredients that make the difference between Downeast Cider House farm style cider and the others:  local apples, only freshly pressed juice is used & ale yeast – unfiltered.


With college graduation approaching from Bates, Ross Brockman and Tyler Mosher, thought about what most would – Grad School.  But as they studied for GMATs, making cider seemed a whole lot more fun and Downeast Cider House was born in 2011.  Lucky for us, they have grown their company into 12,000 cases sold last year, and created a variety of flavors, regulars and seasonal.  

Cider is having a moment, and these boys have made it their mission to build New England’s first and largest craft hard cider company
— says Forbes.

Located In Boston

Visitors can enjoy a free tour and sample refreshing, freshly brewed, farm style ciders, and leave with 64oz souvenir growlers.
200 Terminal Street Boston - see Google map below.
logo design for downeast cider house

The Downeast Cider House is located in a Charlestown warehouse, right outside Boston. They have awesome tours on weekends where you get to taste 3-4 ciders plus whatever is specially brewed at the time.  The Downeast Cider House is available throughout New England with plans to expand into the other areas.  You can find locations on the website.  If you are in Boston over a weekend, definitely take in a tour, you might be lucky and can take in one of their cider making classes or music events at the cidery.  There is a disclaimer that the cidery is an authentic, gritty production space not a gorgeous bar. Go anyway, the people are the nice, the cider is amazing and you’ll have a fun time tasting the different flavors.  

Our take

We tried cooking with the Original Cider, and found it really adds a nice baked apple flavor – use it where you might use beer or wine.  The cider is great in marinades and sauces. Our favorite thing about the Downeast Cider House guys is their creativity in mixology.  They have concocted seasonal menus for fun cocktails – with summer approaching the Downeast x Southwest looks perfect.

What's with the cool Chalk Mural?

To entice visitors to take photographs during their time at the cider house, Downeast Cider gave one of its storage tanks a makeover with a design representing the brand and incorporating their slogan. This chalk mural created by artist Maria Liang, of Maria Liang Design, has a diameter of 8’8″ and took her 11 hours to complete.

Downeast Cider  Chalk Mural created by  Maria Liang

Downeast Cider  Chalk Mural created by Maria Liang