Little Black Dress Merlot from California

a great wine for any happy hour


With a name like Little Black Dress, we can use a word like accessorize to describe this wine.  We tried the Little Black Dress over the week-end and found it was accessorized with aromas of black cherry, notes of cranberry and herbs, and just a hint of vanilla on the finish.  Little Black Dress Merlot was easy to drink and its simplicity makes it perfect for any occasion. It was really smooth, with hints of cherry, berry, vanilla, and sweet oak – no harsh taste.  A nice soft finish. 

Give the LBD a try – it won't disappoint.




Recently Little Black Dress Wines announced Margaret Leonardi as winemaker. Leonardi brings a young, fresh perspective to the brand after serving as winemaker for several California vineyards.  A native of Northern California, Margaret has spent her life surrounded by wine and viticulture. Large family meals, at-home gatherings and leisurely dinners accompanied by wine where the rule, not the exception.

lbd Margaret Leonardi, Winemaker

lbd Margaret Leonardi, Winemaker

I aim to make wines that are approachable, affordable, and delicious. This means creating wines that can be appreciated while curling up on the couch to watch The Bachelor on Monday evenings, hanging out with your girlfriends on Wednesday nights, flirting on date nights, or relaxing on Friday evenings at home over dinner with friends. Little Black Dress Wines pair well with a wide range of foods and occasions. This collection of fruit-forward wines includes crisp, refreshing whites and smooth, soft-tannin reds–all ready for immediate enjoyment.
— Margaret Leonardi