Why Experience Antarctica? When so few get a chance to

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Maybe for the most part because it’s one of the last unexplored frontiers on earth.  Everything about Antarctica is unspoiled; it is pristine and has an abundance of unparalleled wildlife.  A glittering land of element-sculpted ice and scenery you have never seen before – Every minute looking around can have a surprise for you, something unexpected.

The icebergs, the penguins, the whales, the bird life, the seals; all in their natural element, each image offers a new perspective.  The spectacular sunsets, in a place where you may not expect find indescribable colors; you will.  There is a sense of peace and freedom as the wildlife ignores you and continues on their daily activities unaffected by your presence.

── "When it comes to true globetrotting, either you’ve been to Antarctica or you haven’t "
Silversea explorer to Antarctica
Silversea Explorer awards


Highly Recommended Silversea Explorer,  from $9,995 pp  Reserve and we will get you the best offer.Book now for the 2015-2016 season – go – it is the kind of experience that stays with you long after you return home. 

authentic Expedition to Antarctica  yet offers uncommon Luxury

Silversea   one of our favorites for luxury, you will experience butler service in Antarctica.  Wow – the food is fantastic, champagne flows freely, and hot towels on return from your Zodiac adventures.  No kayaks but 2-3 landings per day plus zodiac rides.  There is an opportunity for a polar plunge and expert expedition leaders for questions and lecturers.  Sail in comfort, this is the perfect size ship to get you on land often with some independence.  You will spend a lot of time if you choose on Antarctica.  The staff provides excellent service, if you want to return to the ship early, there is a waiting zodiac.   The purpose-built Silver Explorer expedition cruise ship has been designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world’s most remote destinations, including both of earth’s Polar Regions.   This is one great way to experience Antarctica; however a jacket is expected at dinner and no jeans in the dining room.

Antarctica up close and personal in a zodiac

Antarctica up close and personal in a zodiac

the vibe

 Breathtaking + Stunning = Awesome.  It starts the moment you see Antarctica approaching.  It looks rugged, yet inviting.  During the day, you see the most amazing wildlife and scenery.  You take more photos than you will ever have time to look through.  Exhilarated and energized, you cannot wait for the next trip ashore.  You can’t leave the deck for the thought of missing something.  The ship provides comforts, as everyone excitedly does a daily rewind of  the day’s sights, events and experiences.   Who knew you came for 5 days but now want to stay 30 – it is that seductive in a way you never expected.  The lecturers are swarmed by guests with an untold number of questions, especially the one no one can answer, ── “What will we see tomorrow?”

authentic Expedition to Antarctica  yet — offers uncommon Luxury



shakkelton 100 years

1912 - endurance in_the ice

 If you travel to Antarctica this upcoming summer season of 2015-2016, we approach the 101th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s courageous journey of survival from a ship Crushed into oblivion by the ice to one man’s sheer determination to succeed against all odds. The treacherous journey and subsequent rescue of all 27 men after 497 days remains the stuff of legend.  Maybe a minute to wonder what it was like and appreciate the efforts of the early explorers to map the region for future visitors. 

Maybe just a toast, a thank you and a moment of reflection as you share the wonder of Antarctica with those past explorers and send positive thoughts out to future visitors.   — you Can even toast with the the exact Whisky the team brought with them 100+ years ago —   read our feature'found in Antarctica Shackleton'sWhisky'

So few get the chance to experience Antarctica in person, a special bond, a connection seems to form among visitors, past, present and future, even if they never meet.  That is just one of the mysterious ways of how Antarctica may change you forever.

click here to visit a 360° view of Shackelton’s Hut – Frozen in time since 1912, this is a real physical reminder of the intrepid explorers of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.