Looking for something completely different? Plan to see the White Turf live

Every February, the frozen lake of St. Moritz becomes the setting for the unbelievable – horse racing on snow

Ladies World Championship / Andy Mettler

Ladies World Championship / Andy Mettler

The Lake of St Moritz turns to ice each winter and becomes a center for winter adventures.  The White Turf races can only be called crazy-wild.  Jockeys and horses race around the track at amazing speeds.  The sound of thundering horses and sight of swirling colors creates a contagious excitement for everyone watching.  

harness racing  with skis (no wheels) / andy mettler

The Skikjöring race takes harness racing to a whole new level with wheels replaced with skis. It’s hard to know how the jockeys hold on.  Around 35,000 people turn up to watch each Saturday in February. Regulars stay the whole day, fortified by sleeping bags and champagne.

It's an Event....
   ....not just a horse race

Gourmet food is readily available around the track along with lively music and inspiring art exhibitions. If you have a passion for racing, or just want to spend an unforgettable day out at a unique event on on the frozen lake among the stunningly beautiful, snow-capped mountains of St Moritz, don’t miss White Turf 2016.
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