Looking for a Soho hotel? Look no further than the Soho Grand for Style+Service

Insiders View

Soho Grand offers an authentic Soho stay.  It reflects the culture of the neighborhood starting with its intriguing industrial staircase up to the check-in desk softened with a welcome glass of champagne.  The club feel, luxurious yet relaxed is a pleasant escape from the streets of the city.

The Vibe

The Soho Grand is dark, intimate, sophisticated and hip throughout.  The lobby, bars, lounges are all designed to make you feel comfortable. The staff is excellent, happy to provide service and cater to your wishes.  The cocktails are well made, the hotel gives off a confident coolness without attitude.

Things that make you want to stay at the Soho Grand

The soho Grand loves Pets

Raoul's -on Prince Street - Just Awesome one of so many Soho Restaurants  to try

Raoul's -on Prince Street - Just Awesome
one of so many Soho Restaurants  to try

These Include bath products are from the local apothecary C.O. Bigelow, Frette bathrobes, a gourmet minibar and WiFi.  On each floor, there is a pantry with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and magazines. The concierge will create a personalized itinerary for you to explore the local area.  Exclusive discounts are available for nearby boutique shops.  The area is an array of art galleries, shops, bars, and restaurants. A selection of stylish European-inspired Mozie Bicycles are offered for complimentary use.  Insider tips:  request a pet goldfish to stay in your room – How Fun!  The rooms run a little small but are cozy and well fitted, the beds are sooo comfortable, go up at least a couple of categories if you want more space.

It’s a Go – bring the dog

Pet friendly accommodations are available at no additional charge and pets are spoiled with organic treats from Bocce’s Bakery, bedding, food and water bowls and doggy bags.  Visiting dogs enjoy their very own park adjacent to the hotel complete with fire hydrant water stations, bespoke benches, and garden design by Rebecca Cole.

Soho Grand’s Dog Park is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset (7am – 7pm).   "WOOF-WOOF!"  to quote a happy puppy.