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We aim to arm our readers with interesting topics that start conversations
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we cover sports for you to try.  you can  read about the trends  and visit the destinations we cover and recommend

WHATSINTODAY is a digital publication that provides great content for your daily conversations, those small talk tête-à-tête and times to entertain friends, family and workmates - the banter that happens while in line, waiting for the meeting to start, drives in the car,  happy hour, or over a meal.

 We aim to arm you with interesting topics to start conversations, recommendations and to inspire purchases of cool things to own or experiences to amazing destinations.

Our thing, "Make Better Conversations", provokes our team to find attention-grabbing stories, products, experiences and destinations.  Our stories are meant to be shared with your circle of friends, families, colleagues to inspire and entertain.  Here's to recanting the stories of whats in today.  And lets converse often.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest and Twitter and follow this link to subscribe so you Don't miss our e-mails Click Here.

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